Inverted Z-Tool


The Inverted Z-Tool will allow you to open those extra tough models built since the 90's configured with elusive targets within the door cavities. Both the Z-Tool and the Inverted Z-Tool are made of a tempered stainless steel shaft with knife edged hooks that bite into lock linkages without the slip, no matter how stiff the lock system. Both have depth guides stamped along the shaft for those very tough situations involving small targets.
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The Inverted Z-Tool is an incredibly popular vehicle lockout tool and helps you open those tough-to-open vehicles built since the 90’s with elusive targets inside the door cavities. 

The Inverted Z-Tool is made from tempered stainless steel and features knife-edged hooks that bite into lock linkages without slipping. The shaft of the tools also features depth guides stamped into the metal for precise depth targeting when reaching smaller targets.